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Caring for Your Wood Flooring in Winter

Winter means spending more time indoors, which also means more wear and tear on your hard wood floors. Caring for your hard wood flooring in the winter can be vital to maintaining the life of your floors.

Door Mats are the first line of defense for your hard wood floors. Making sure there are mats at each entryway and encouraging their use every time anyone enters your home can help reduce the amount of dirt and grime that come in with them. Dirt particles can be abrasive on wood, so the less that come in the better. You may even want to consider inner door mats as well as outer door mats to double the dirt reduction.

Floor Mats are another way to protect your wood flooring in areas where water is most likely to spill such as the kitchen sink. It is also a good idea to place one in front of your refrigerator if it is one with an ice and water dispenser. Clean up any liquid spills immediately.

Sweeping regularly, if not daily, is one of the best habits for maintaining hard wood floors, especially in high traffic areas. A good quality broom is all that is needed, however there are also plenty of dry dusters on the market also appropriate for this task. If you do use a regular broom, make sure that you do not use the same broom to sweep inside your home as you do outside to reduce transference of dirt and to prolong the life of your broom.

Vacuuming with a non-rotating brush attachment can help remove dirt between planks and in hard to reach places.

Sometimes due to the dry heat that can develop inside the home during the winter with the heater on continuously small cracks may appear in your hard wood. These can be minor and do not necessarily require immediate attention as wood naturally expands and contracts with the changing of temperature and moisture in the air. It is however important to monitor them as professional attention may be required at some point.

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