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Avoiding Electrical Fires and Wood Damage from Holiday Lighting

With the holidays in full swing, things are lighting up around town, and many homeowners are getting into the holiday season by stringing up festive lights. The additional lights may add cheer, but they also increase the risk of electrical fire, which can damage wood, not to mention pose a serious risk to holiday enjoyment. [...]

Storm Damage Prevention and Repair

With autumn comes the changing of temperatures and storms. Both can cause accelerated wear and tear on your home. It is important to weather proof to prevent storm damage as much as possible. However once damages occur proper repair becomes the priority to restore home integrity and value. One of the simplest steps to take [...]

The Causes of Wood Damage

Virtually every home is constructed with wood components, and for all its enduring qualities, no matter the treatment, at some point it needs repair, restoration, or replacement. Whether it is water damage caused by leaks, fire damage, storm damage, dry rot, termites, or any number of other unforeseen issues wood requires inspection and attention over [...]

Keeping the Roof Over Your Head

With the coming of autumn and the changing weather storms become a little more common with hurricane season in full swing. Now is a good time to make sure your roof is in good repair while the weather is still temperate. Many roofs are sheets of wood covered with composite shingles or asphalt shingles. These [...]

Fixing Your Fixer Upper with Restoration Work

The term fixer upper can cover a wide variety of issues to be addressed with an older home or building that has been purchased with the knowledge that repairs will be needed. Most often restoration of damage caused by fire, wind, water, and other storm related damage is in order. When determining the type of [...]

Finding the Right Company for Home Restorations from Water, Fire, and Storm Damage

Damage from water, fire, or storm requires experienced restoration and repair as damage from any of these causes can be more significant than cosmetic. Each type of damage requires a unique restoration approach and a clear understanding of the underlying causes to ensure proper repair and reduce the likelihood of future incidents. With water damage [...]