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Kitchen Remodeling in Stages

It would be nice to close down your home, tear out everything you hate in the kitchen, and have it remodeled completely in a day; however, that may not be the best idea or even possible. Any remodeling project takes time, even before the work begins. It is important to go in stages, starting with [...]

Remodeling or Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

When updating the look of your kitchen cabinets there are two ways to do this, either by remodeling or refacing. The one you chose will depend on what you want to accomplish and the budget you are working within. Remodeling can include complete replacement and even redesigning your space to include more or less devoted [...]

Creating Better Attic Storage

Many people claim they have an attic, but what they really mean is that they have attic space. Not every attic space is properly fitted to use as storage. Simply laying down a few boards will not do, but with a few remodeling tricks the space between your ceiling and your roof can be converted [...]

Fireplace Remodeling

A fireplace can be a lovely focal point for any living room or den. It has the potential to be as beautiful as it is functional without sacrificing one for the other, but over time its beauty can fade as décor changes. It may be time to consider a fireplace remodeling. Remodeling the fireplace doesn’t have to [...]

Lighting Things Up Inside This Winter

The colder weather that winter brings often means more time spent indoors, and with less exposure to sunlight with the increased cloud covering that comes with winter that can leave us a little gloomy. One of the easiest ways to counter act this is to maybe visit a tanning booth on particularly gloomy days or [...]

Creating a Mudroom for Any Home

For the most part mud is not something people typically want in their homes, but in it comes regardless, mucking up the entry way. Since having a professional decontamination chamber can be impractical a mudroom is the next best thing if you want to reduce the amount of mess that can make things unpleasant. Creating [...]