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Fixing Your Fixer Upper with Restoration Work

The term fixer upper can cover a wide variety of issues to be addressed with an older home or building that has been purchased with the knowledge that repairs will be needed. Most often restoration of damage caused by fire, wind, water, and other storm related damage is in order.

When determining the type of restoration work needed, look over all exterior and interior surfaces as well as inspecting the plumbing and wiring. It is recommended that you have these inspections done by a professional to ensure a proper assessment and evaluation of work needed.

  • Roof: Check that there are no loose, missing or bare shingles in need of replacement. Depending on the type of roofing material used this could be a spot replacement or may require an entire resurfacing. Also check all wood around and supporting the roof for any dry rot or insect damage.
  • Ceiling: This goes along with the roof because chances are that if there are issues with leaks in the roof they will appear on the ceiling as stains or warping from wet spots. Sometimes these areas can be painted over once the leak has been stopped. In commercial buildings it may be easier to replace the section if it is a tile type ceiling.
  • Walls: Check for water damage to drywall, plaster, or wood paneling. Be sure that any leaks from the roof or plumbing have been addressed before determining the necessary restoration steps. If the damage is small and restricted mostly to staining, then a good washing and paint job will do; however, section replacement may be needed.
  • Floor: Inspect the floors for stability. Wood flooring may need spot replacement and refinishing. If carpet replacement is in order be sure to check the underlying surface before laying down new carpeting. Look for weak spots and mold.
  • Foundation: Be sure to check the foundation for any cracks or damage due to improper storm drainage or age. If the foundation is in extremely poor repair then there might not be anything to do but demolish the place and start over; however, before this drastic measure is to be considered consult with a professional regarding the integrity of the foundation and whether or not appropriate repairs can be made.

Contact Home Improvements of the Carolinas or call (336) 271-3323. Our professionally licensed staff provides restoration for water, fire, and storm damage and more for residential and commercial buildings, in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Burlington, Cary, Raleigh, Haw River, Mebane, Kernersville, Chapel Hill and in-between.

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