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Hard Wood Flooring under the Carpet

There is a possibility that under your carpet could be hard wood flooring just waiting to be revealed, revived, and reveled about. It is important to note before beginning this endeavor that this is a labor intensive project, especially if you are considering the do-it-yourself approach; however that does not mean that it is not worth the effort. Hard wood has many benefits over carpet in value to your home as well as the reduction of allergens for those with pets and concerns about such things.

The first thing to figure out is if there is indeed hard wood under that carpet. Go to an inconspicuous corner, such as may be found in a closet of the room you are investigating, or a corner generally hidden by furniture. Using a flat head screw driver and very little effort, you should be able to pry up the corner a bit to have a look. Be warned:  It may not be pretty.

Once you have verified that there is hard wood flooring to be found beneath your carpet, and committed yourself to restoring it, the real work begins. Clear the room of all furniture, pick a wall, and begin prying up the carpet along that wall. Then the idea is for you to pull up the carpet and roll it as you remove it, revealing the wood in need of restoration. During the carpet removing stage you may run into several issues that may determine how much more work will be required. If the carpet was nailed down or glued then there may be staining to deal with in addition to the difficulty of removing nails and whatever adhesive was used.

Hopefully, once you have removed the carpet you are looking at hard wood flooring in need of refinishing, but you may encounter areas where wood replacement is necessary. Be sure to identify the type of wood as this can help with matching tone and texture. Check for squeaky areas. This may indicate old wood or warping due to moisture from accidents, pet stains, or improper carpet shampooing where the area was over exposed to saturation. Some stains can be removed with various cleaning techniques and products on the market, but not all.

After removing all nails, screws, stables, and glue a good cleaning is in order. Sweep away any loose dirt or other debris. Utilizing a wood-floor cleaner and a sponge mop clean the floor. This may be the stage where you get a better idea of where the stains are and how bad they really are. Hopefully, all that will be required now is a refinishing of the floor, but each restoration project has its own unique obstacles and issues to deal with. The time it takes will also depend on how many difficulties you run into, and your experience in dealing with them.

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