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Painting Preparations for Home Interior

Once you have chosen the perfect color there are a few things you need to do before you begin painting to achieve the best possible results. Painting preparations include cleaning, repairing any imperfections or damage, and having the right tools. You will need more than a bucket and a brush. Painting is more involved with potential for mess.

The first order of business is to inspect the walls to be painted.

Stains: Before painting over stains it is important to make sure that the stains are not a symptom of a more serious issue needing address such as leaky pipes or mold growth. Once the underlying cause has been identified and fixed then it becomes a matter of cleaning what can be cleaned and using paint primer. There are even primers and paints specifically formulated to kill and prevent mildew and mold.

Wallpaper: Removing wallpaper is a time consuming and potentially messy task; however, when possible it is the best option to ensure the best paint job. Painting over wallpaper can reveal seams, dislodge adhesives causing pealing, and sometimes the texture or design can show through paint. If you choose to paint over it be sure to secure any loose wallpaper with the proper adhesive and repair any damaged areas so you can paint a smoothly and evenly.

Nails and screws: Like with wallpaper, it is best to remove any nails or screws before painting. Use spackling paste to repair these small holes. It is generally available in premixed tubes for small jobs or you can opt to buy it in its powdered form to mix your own amount.

Cracks: Repair any cracks in the wall with spackling paste, drywall compound, or paintable caulking. Be sure to smooth out the surface and allow to dry completely before painting to get the best results.

Once you have repaired any damage or imperfections be sure that the walls are free of cobwebs and dust. Cover any exposed furniture and carpet with tarps or sheets to protect them from stray paint drops. Use painter’s tape, which is better than masking tape, to edge baseboards and windows you don’t intend to paint. Then the transformation can begin.

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