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Perfect Time for Painting

Autumn, like spring, is the perfect time for home painting projects, both interior and exterior. Temperatures are milder reducing the worry of the heat stroke of summer or the hypothermia of winter. Plus, the mild temperatures are better for ensuring the proper drying and setting of the paint.

For indoor painting it is important to have proper ventilation. There is really no better ventilation than opening up the windows to allow for fresh air flow, just make sure that there are screens on your windows to prevent bugs from coming in. Bug carcasses stuck to the walls can be detracting to the look you intend.

Be sure to remove all nails and screws as these can tear up your tools such as sponges and some rollers. Brushes are better at painting over them if you plan on using them exactly as they have been used prior to the change of paint color, but this is generally considered a lazy painters trick. If you do not remove nails and screws from the wall, painting over those areas may result in unintended paint drips. That usually is not the kind of texture that enhances appearances.

For exterior painting choosing a day with a slight breeze may be nice, but avoid gusty days. With the leaves turning and falling there is the potential for them to blow right onto your freshly painted areas and stick before the paint has dried. As a point of interest, this is also a good reason to make sure the neighbors are not in the middle of mowing their yards. Also check the weather report for any signs of rain, which will also prevent proper drying.

By taking advantage of the temperate weather to paint you can increase the likelihood of enjoying the winter inside with the feel of new rooms. For the exterior paint adds an extra layer of protection to the wood of your home as well as enhances the curb appeal.

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