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Sunroom Additions for Summer and Beyond

Summer means more sunshine and those sultry summer evenings. Adding a sunroom to your home can provide you with all the benefits of the warm sunshine, while eliminating the discomfort of over exposure and insects. Plus, a sunroom can be utilized year round as it harnesses natural sunlight and provides a degree of natural heat.

When adding a sunroom it is important to have it heating and cooling systems properly integrated to make it a comfortably functional part of your home. Windows that open with screens to keep bugs at bay and the installation of a ceiling fan can make summer days very pleasant to enjoy in comfort. In the winter having a well-sealed environment to keep in the heat generated from the sunlight in addition to either a portable heater or a cleverly integrated fireplace can be just as inviting.

Blending the design of a sunroom addition with the existing architecture and style of your home can be a challenge. There are several materials available that can be customized to blend seamlessly or be constructed to add unique character to your home. Designing a sunroom can allow for creativity as well as practicality.

Wood is a fine choice for its timeless appeal. It is available in a variety of species, finishes, and customizable design options. It is the best natural insulator, requiring only occasional maintenance for upkeep.

Aluminum is relatively inexpensive, though in humid climates may be prone to rust if not properly treated. It can be customized to match your home’s architectural construction.

Vinyl is a more expensive alternative to aluminum, however, it provides better insulation, does not rust or degrade like aluminum, and hold up better over time. If your home is vinyl sided then it may also be the ideal seamless addition to your home.

Whatever material you chose to construct your sunroom, a great deal of attention should be given to the windows. Be sure that a few if not all have the ability to be opened to allow for air flow, taking advantage of cooling breezes.

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