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The Importance of Proper Gutter Installation and Repair

Gutter Installation and Repair, Greensboro, NCGutters provide preventative care for your home, and should be installed with professional care. Gutters are typically made out of durable metal or plastic, and are secured to the lip of your roof to catch runoff and directed away from the foundation of the house. It is important to make sure that there are no gaps between the gutters and the house. Any gap that allows rain water to run down the side of the house has the potential to damage windows, siding, home foundations, and if not directed properly can also ruin your landscaping.

Cleaning out the gutters around the roof of your home and making sure they drain properly is one of the surest ways to reduce damage to these other areas. Be sure to clear gutters regularly, especially if you have trees near the house as leaves and sticks can clog them preventing proper drainage. Additionally, the weight of water logged or frozen leaves can stress gutters leading to weakening of fixtures, warping, bending, and breaking. After storms is the best time to check and clean.

As many gutters are constructed of metal, rust can be a problem over time, especially if the gutters are not set correctly with clear drainage points which may allow water to settle. Rust spots can degrade into holes and allow rust water to leak out causing unsightly stains as well as water damage to exposed wood.

Because gutters are sectional the areas of disrepair can be easily replaced, though it may also be a good time to replace the entire gutter system with a possible upgrade. Many new styles of gutters are now available with gutter guards that prevent leaves, needles, and sticks from getting into them. As clogs are one of the major factors that lead to the deterioration of gutters this provides an ideal solution, though it does not illuminate the need to check and clean them on occasion.

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