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Creating Pantry Storage

A pantry is a place for storing food, often for canned and dried goods. For some having a pantry is a luxury, while for others it is a necessity. Finding the space can be a challenge. Whether you have a pantry in need of redesigning, or wish to have one installed there are several options to consider.

Almost all homes without exception have cabinets built into the kitchen to provide pantry type storage for canned and dried goods as well as for dishes and countertop appliances, but sometimes this is not enough. If you are fortunate enough to live in a house with a designated pantry built in then you have the advantage. Often times this is a closet with shelves in the kitchen in addition to cabinets.

Cabinet Remodeling

If you are looking for better utilization of existing space then you may want to consider remodeling existing cabinets to allow for easier access and better organization of items. If you have two cabinets divided by a corner consider removing the divider to create a larger space for the installation of a Lazy Susan. This will allow you better access to items that typically end up in the back corner of one cabinet, removing the hassle usually associated with their retrieval.

Another cabinet remodeling idea is to install drawers for slide out shelves for the cabinets below the counter. This can make accessing them easier, illuminating most of the squatting and digging that getting to items stored there can require.

Making Space

Closets can be converted to store pantry items with the addition of shelves. Choosing one close to the kitchen is best, but this is not the only place a pantry can be made. There may be space just waiting for conversion, such as an unused corner. If it is large enough to fit a book shelf in then it is large enough to turn into a pantry.

Exploring space in utility rooms, laundry rooms, basements, garages, and even under the stairs storage areas can also be utilized for pantry storage. The key is to make sure that the areas are enclosed and protected from humidity. Constructing shelves and drawers can help organize things allowing for the pantry space you need.

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Improving Your Kitchen with an Island

Preparing meals can sometimes require more space than the counters around the stove top and sink provide, but where to get more space? How? One way is to add a kitchen island. It is surprising how the addition of an island can expand your work area without compromising walking space in your kitchen.

Kitchen islands can be as simple or elaborate as you would like, custom built to meet your needs and fitted for your kitchen. They can provide not only additional counter top space, but also additional cabinet and draw space for increased storage of dry goods or cooking utensils. They can also be uniquely customized with a sink or wine refrigerator.

Order Up

Islands in addition to being additional prep space can also be ideal serving stations. This would be most advantageous during holiday gatherings to set out food and still make sure there is room at the dinner table. It may even be possible to construct an elevated breakfast bar across from the preparing area giving your island a step appearance and increased functionality.

Separation of Clean Food and Dirty Dishes

Sometimes it would just be nice to have an additional sink in the kitchen. This would allow you to use one for dishes, and the other, say on an island, for food rinsing and preparation. That way you would not have to continually shuffle things around so much and you can keep possible contamination of bacteria and germs down to a minimum, if not eliminate the possibility all together.

Everything in Its Place

More space for storage is never a bad thing. Perhaps it would be nice to have a place to store tablecloths, placemats, and napkins closer to the dining area rather than in the linin closet in the hallway. Maybe you would like an additional space for a small refrigerator to store wine or other beverages. Islands can be a great place for added storage. It could even provide a nice cover for the trash to keep it out of sight in a conveniently constructed cabinet, drawer, or nook.

There are many good reasons to want an island, and plenty of ways to design one to fit your needs and your kitchen. Contact Home Improvements of the Carolinas or call (336) 271-3323. We provide quality construction services by licensed professionals, servicing Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Burlington, Cary, Raleigh, Haw River, Mebane, Kernersville, Chapel Hill and in-between.

Year Round Deck Care

A deck can add value to any home, not just in aesthetics, but in functional enjoyment for relaxation and entertainment with family and friends. Care and maintenance of a deck is a year round series of tasks, but if done regularly can extend the life of your deck by years making the effort well worth the investment.


  • Clean by sweeping away any debris and washing away any dirt, mold, mildew, or moss that may have accumulated during the winter.
  • Check for any areas that may have suffered from weathering. Look for warping, cracking, or splintering, and replace any planks if they cannot be otherwise repaired.


  • Be sure to clean up any food spills. Do not leave them to set.
  • Treat the areas around and under the deck for termites, and all the various carpenter insects such as bees, wasps, and ants.
  • Sweep the deck often.


  • If you have not already, this may be another time to thoroughly clean the deck, preferably with a good pressure washing.
  • Strip any worn or deteriorating finish with a stain and finish remover as needed.
  • Add a new finish, and water repellent. As this is a generally a follow up for as needed stripping, this may not be a yearly event.


  • Clear off debris regularly. Do not allow pine needles or leaves to accumulate on the deck as this can cause staining and provide the ideal place for mildew or mold to form.
  • If you live where snow is a consideration, use a broom to sweep away the snow rather than a snow shovel as the scrapping can damage the wood. If you use salt, remember to sweep away residue as soon as it is no longer needed.

There are many types of wood on the market including composites that each boasts their own pros and cons, but all of them require some amount of care and maintenance. There has yet to be invented the perfect carefree deck material. The same goes for stains and sealants. However, a well-constructed, well-cared for deck can provide a wonderful entertainment or relaxation spot for the home for many years.

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New Doors for Your Home

Doors do more than provide an entryway to your home. From the outside the front door is part of the first impression you home makes on the world. Additionally, the front door provides security and proof against the weather, or at least it should. When shopping for a new front door you should have all three aspects (aesthetics, security, and weather proofing) in mind.

Finding a door that looks good is fairly easy with so many out there to choose from, but when it comes to security and weather proofing there are some very important things to consider, namely the construction quality of the door itself. Unlike interior door it is vital to make sure that your front door is solidly constructed and not some plywood facsimile. Choosing a door design with glass inset may be visually appealing, but for security purposes you want to make sure that the glass is tempered or otherwise strengthened to withstand casual breaking. For this reason you may also want to think about a door design that does not have the glass near the doorknob or dead bolt, even if it is reinforced glass.

Proper installation of doors is crucial to ensure that it will close securely, that all locks will work properly, and that there are no drafts with weather stripping and exact sizing of door.

Additionally to add appeal, if not value to your home, consider upgrading internal doors to solid wood. Most internal doors only serve as a means of visual privacy, allowing residents to close off bathrooms and bedrooms when in use. These internal doors are often minimally constructed, consisting of an outer casing which is seen, but are either hollow or packed with lightweight materials.

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Hard Wood Flooring under the Carpet

There is a possibility that under your carpet could be hard wood flooring just waiting to be revealed, revived, and reveled about. It is important to note before beginning this endeavor that this is a labor intensive project, especially if you are considering the do-it-yourself approach; however that does not mean that it is not worth the effort. Hard wood has many benefits over carpet in value to your home as well as the reduction of allergens for those with pets and concerns about such things.

The first thing to figure out is if there is indeed hard wood under that carpet. Go to an inconspicuous corner, such as may be found in a closet of the room you are investigating, or a corner generally hidden by furniture. Using a flat head screw driver and very little effort, you should be able to pry up the corner a bit to have a look. Be warned:  It may not be pretty.

Once you have verified that there is hard wood flooring to be found beneath your carpet, and committed yourself to restoring it, the real work begins. Clear the room of all furniture, pick a wall, and begin prying up the carpet along that wall. Then the idea is for you to pull up the carpet and roll it as you remove it, revealing the wood in need of restoration. During the carpet removing stage you may run into several issues that may determine how much more work will be required. If the carpet was nailed down or glued then there may be staining to deal with in addition to the difficulty of removing nails and whatever adhesive was used.

Hopefully, once you have removed the carpet you are looking at hard wood flooring in need of refinishing, but you may encounter areas where wood replacement is necessary. Be sure to identify the type of wood as this can help with matching tone and texture. Check for squeaky areas. This may indicate old wood or warping due to moisture from accidents, pet stains, or improper carpet shampooing where the area was over exposed to saturation. Some stains can be removed with various cleaning techniques and products on the market, but not all.

After removing all nails, screws, stables, and glue a good cleaning is in order. Sweep away any loose dirt or other debris. Utilizing a wood-floor cleaner and a sponge mop clean the floor. This may be the stage where you get a better idea of where the stains are and how bad they really are. Hopefully, all that will be required now is a refinishing of the floor, but each restoration project has its own unique obstacles and issues to deal with. The time it takes will also depend on how many difficulties you run into, and your experience in dealing with them.

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Creating Better Attic Storage

Many people claim they have an attic, but what they really mean is that they have attic space. Not every attic space is properly fitted to use as storage. Simply laying down a few boards will not do, but with a few remodeling tricks the space between your ceiling and your roof can be converted to usable storage space fit to keep all your beloved mementos safe.

Assess the Space

Before anything can be done it is important to see what you have to work with. What kind of access exists to the attic space? Many homes with attic space have a piece of removable ply wood that sits in a frame in the ceiling, accessible by ladder. Some homes have a door that can be pulled open with a ladder built in to either fold or slide open. Those that have a door that opens onto a stairway leading to the attic probably already have an adequate storage space. Depending on how often you plan to access and store items, you may want to consider, which type of access would best suite your needs. An option with a build in ladder may be ideal to reduce the need for hauling in a ladder from the garage or shed every time you need to get into the attic.

Once you are in the attic, check for leaks in the roof or any rotting wood that may need replacement or repair. Check for loose wiring that may need bundling and protecting or possible plumbing to work around. Attend to these things first to make the project worth the effort. Also check to see the depth of space available. Many attics run the length of the entire house with a triangular roof. If you can stand and pace a few feet, then you have more than enough space to create storage space.

It is also a good idea to check for any signs of rodent or bird activity. Cover all vents or fans with protective screens to prevent access.

Adding a Floor

Generally speaking, many homes with attic space are not necessarily safe to use as is because other than the rafters and stud timbers there is nothing safe to hold any significant weight. The materials used to construct ceilings are not load bearing materials. You will need to lay down floor boards strong enough to bare the weight of items you intend to store. It can be a good idea to put insulation down before laying your floor board, which can then be nailed to the rafters.

Additional Touches

Now that you have an accessible attic with a proper floor to allow for storage of trunks and boxes you may want to think about a little more. Being creative with space can allow you to add additional storage options. It may be possible to add shelving and clothing rods.

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