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Transforming the Empty Nest

You have been waiting for this day. Finally, your last child has flown the nest, left for college. Perhaps, you imagine how your kids’ bedroom can now be a new adult area. Maybe, you have been planning how you will redecorate and makeover this now vacant room. But before you throw the furniture into storage, stuff trophies and stuffed animals into boxes, and begin making changes to your kid’s former bedroom, you need to consider how this room makeover will affect you and your child. You can get a great space and help your adult child feel like this is home. If you follow three tips, you can help ease both of you into this new phase.

  • Determine the best time to redecorate. This may seem quite obvious—once your youngest child moves out—but it isn’t that simple. Even after leaving for college, your child will come home for summers, holidays, and the occasional weekend. It can be traumatic for any child to find that his/her bedroom has been changed, and there is no longer a specific space for him/her. The best rule of thumb is to wait until your child has found a permanent living space such as a house or apartment. If you wait till you child has moved out permanently, you can give him/her their bedroom furniture, desks, etc. while you save money on storage fees.
  • Determine your purpose for this space. This space may have been your child’s bedroom, but it doesn’t mean that it needs to remain a bedroom. You will need to decide how you envision this space being enjoyed. Will it have more than one function? For example, this room may need to be an office space and guest room. Your decorating choices would need to reflect your needs for the space.
  • Determine your taste. After deciding how you will use this space, here is the fun part—decorating. But during this final part of the make-over, you still need to consider your child’s taste in addition to yours. Whether you adore Victorian shabby chic or sleek modern, your child should feel that he/she hasn’t be completely forgotten. For example, you may choose the primary wall paint colors and use your child’s favorite color as an accent. You may choose to display several important objects or pictures of your child. This will help your child to feel included in your new phase of life.

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Ideal Home Office Makeover

For many homeowners, your home office space is one of the important and neglected areas in your home. Whether you have a room devoted to your laptop and desk or you have a nook for the computer, your office space can be the greatest asset to your home. It can also be it weakest. Maybe, the office has become your clutter catch-all room—school papers, art supplies, library books. In short, your office space needs to be more functional. The good news is that you can transform your office space easily.

Let’s begin with some of the common problems in the home office. Take look around your home office. What do you see? If your answer was clutter, then you have the most common problem affecting this space. You will need to begin tossing, recycling, and filing your papers. This brings you to the next problem which is lack of storage. When you first begin using your home office, you may not have a clear idea how or what this room’s function will be. After you have cleared the clutter, focus on how much storage you will need to organize your office properly. The final problem facing your office is the space isn’t fun. You may stuff your bills and papers and kids’ toys in the office space because you want an excuse not to use it. Sadly, this clutter is destroying your productivity, and you need to change it.

Let’s focus on making your home office a space that you will want to use. After you have cleared the clutter, you need to decide what the purpose of this space is. Will it be a spot for paying bills and surfing the internet? A place for you and your children to work together? Once you have decided the purpose of the room, then you can begin making it functional and beautiful. First, choose a vibrant paint color that will stimulant and engage your mind. For example, red and oranges help stimulate creativity, and blues and browns help with focus. After you choose your paint colors, you may also want to consider using paint to add interest to the space. This could be  an accent stripe or chevron pattern on a focal wall. A feature wall can help make the space feel chic, and all you did was paint a pattern on it.

Let’s discuss the storage issue for your home office.  After the paint dries, you will need to be highly selective of what goes back into your office space. Refer back to your overall purpose of this space, and decide what storage units and work spaces you will need. Every accessory, every desk, every chair, every filing cabinet should reinforce the overall purpose of the home office. If you struggle with clutter,  decorative baskets can help organize your desk area. Perhaps, you are working in a small space. Consider adding vertical storage such as shelves or wall-mounted baskets to help move the clutter off the floor. Once you have your storage system in place, you can begin enjoying your ideal home office.

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How to Get the Best Painting Results

You have chosen the perfect color paint, the walls are clean and the furniture covered. Now it is time to break open the seal and get painting, but do you have the right tools for the job? If you think all you need now is a bucket of paint and a brush then be prepared for a slow progression.

While it is possible to paint solely with one brush it may not be the best option. At the very least two brushes, a sash and trim brush and a wall brush, will prove better. Use the sash and trim brush to get all the edges done around windows, outlets, and corners first. Getting the tedious work done first will help cut down on fatigue as you go. Then use the wall brush to paint, and be sure to have a sturdy ladder to help reach the top.

However, as using paint brushes in this manner will still be slow work, most professional interior painters will recommend the use of paint rollers. You should still use a sash and trim brush or sponge to do all the detail work first. When using a paint roller you will also need a paint roller pan. Alternate options include using a wire screen inside a five gallon bucked or a bucket specially made that provides the same function for dipping the roller and making sure it is evenly covered before using it on the wall.

When using a roller it is important to push up, away from yourself to reduce drips. Also roll slowly, applying a consistent amount of pressure as you go. If you roll too quickly you’ll end up with paint flecks going everywhere, which means wasted paint and effort.

Another bonus of rollers is the extension options they offer that paint brushes and sponges do not. Many rollers have extendable handles or attachments to allow you to reach higher without the aid of a ladder. This can also mean a reduced risk of accidents.

Various paint sprayers are also available, and ideal for large scale projects; however, they require a more skilled and practiced hand to operate successfully, and by successfully I mean producing the best results with the least amount of effort and mess. A well done paint job gets the paint on the wall smoothly and evenly, and does not leave a huge mess to clean up.

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Painting Preparations for Home Interior

Once you have chosen the perfect color there are a few things you need to do before you begin painting to achieve the best possible results. Painting preparations include cleaning, repairing any imperfections or damage, and having the right tools. You will need more than a bucket and a brush. Painting is more involved with potential for mess.

The first order of business is to inspect the walls to be painted.

Stains: Before painting over stains it is important to make sure that the stains are not a symptom of a more serious issue needing address such as leaky pipes or mold growth. Once the underlying cause has been identified and fixed then it becomes a matter of cleaning what can be cleaned and using paint primer. There are even primers and paints specifically formulated to kill and prevent mildew and mold.

Wallpaper: Removing wallpaper is a time consuming and potentially messy task; however, when possible it is the best option to ensure the best paint job. Painting over wallpaper can reveal seams, dislodge adhesives causing pealing, and sometimes the texture or design can show through paint. If you choose to paint over it be sure to secure any loose wallpaper with the proper adhesive and repair any damaged areas so you can paint a smoothly and evenly.

Nails and screws: Like with wallpaper, it is best to remove any nails or screws before painting. Use spackling paste to repair these small holes. It is generally available in premixed tubes for small jobs or you can opt to buy it in its powdered form to mix your own amount.

Cracks: Repair any cracks in the wall with spackling paste, drywall compound, or paintable caulking. Be sure to smooth out the surface and allow to dry completely before painting to get the best results.

Once you have repaired any damage or imperfections be sure that the walls are free of cobwebs and dust. Cover any exposed furniture and carpet with tarps or sheets to protect them from stray paint drops. Use painter’s tape, which is better than masking tape, to edge baseboards and windows you don’t intend to paint. Then the transformation can begin.

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Enhancing Your Home with Color

Painting the interior walls of your home can offer one of the least expensive improvements, enhancing not only the look, but also the feel of your home. Choosing the right color can give a room new life and personality.

Picking a color is the first step. Before you grab a paint chip sampler of your favorite color it may be beneficial to take a moment to consider which room of the house you are going to paint and what tone you would like to set. Studies have shown that colors can effect emotions.

Red, orange, and yellow tend to be stimulating colors. Some shades of red while at a glance are beautiful can cause agitation during prolonged exposure. You may find yourself leaving a room more often than relaxing in it. Oranges can have a similar effect, while yellows may keep you energized.

Green, blue, and purple tend to be soothing colors. Green shades tend to offer the most balanced feel to a room. Blues can be too cool if overdone and not paired with the right accenting colors. Purples offer a rich decadent feel or can seem presumptuous if not done well.

Black, grey, and white are best used as accent colors unless you are particularly fond of the traditional monochromatic look. Black is a color that absorbs while white is a color that reflects. Either can be too harsh for rooms in constant use. Grey provides a nice neutrality, but depending on the shade can also seem drab.

Choosing the main wall color is like laying the foundation of the character a room will have. The colors you choose for accessories and accents will help develop its personality. Living rooms are best if welcoming, kitchens cheerful, dining rooms hospitable, bedrooms relaxing, and bathrooms luxurious. Finding the right color combinations to match your personal preferences are key to creating the home of your dreams.

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Building a Garage Addition

A garage addition is a great multipurpose investment. The most obvious benefit is the added security it provides your vehicle by making it more difficult to access to thieves, but also the protection from weathering. A garage can also provide extra storage or be utilized as extra entertainment space for gatherings.

Before construction it is important to inspect the area. Make sure to account for sewer connections, cable boxes, or trees that may need to be rerouted, relocated, or removed. It may prove ideal to build a separate building rather than building on to your home.

Once you establish the ideal location for your garage, the next step is to consider the size.  The primary use may be to house your vehicle, but consider if it might also be advantageous to plan ahead for storage and possible work space. By planning ahead you can construct the ideal dimensions to accommodate all likely uses to get the best out of the investment.

It is also important to take into account the architectural style of your home to construct the ideal addition or accompanying building. With an eye for aesthetics you can be sure to enhance the value of your home as well as its functionality.

Because building a garage may involve detailed planning and to insure that proper building codes are met it may be wise to hire a construction company to perform the work. By hiring a company that specializes in construction you can be relatively guaranteed of quality workmanship, and will have a better idea of the time and money required to complete the project.

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