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Sunroom Additions for Summer and Beyond

Summer means more sunshine and those sultry summer evenings. Adding a sunroom to your home can provide you with all the benefits of the warm sunshine, while eliminating the discomfort of over exposure and insects. Plus, a sunroom can be utilized year round as it harnesses natural sunlight and provides a degree of natural heat.

When adding a sunroom it is important to have it heating and cooling systems properly integrated to make it a comfortably functional part of your home. Windows that open with screens to keep bugs at bay and the installation of a ceiling fan can make summer days very pleasant to enjoy in comfort. In the winter having a well-sealed environment to keep in the heat generated from the sunlight in addition to either a portable heater or a cleverly integrated fireplace can be just as inviting.

Blending the design of a sunroom addition with the existing architecture and style of your home can be a challenge. There are several materials available that can be customized to blend seamlessly or be constructed to add unique character to your home. Designing a sunroom can allow for creativity as well as practicality.

Wood is a fine choice for its timeless appeal. It is available in a variety of species, finishes, and customizable design options. It is the best natural insulator, requiring only occasional maintenance for upkeep.

Aluminum is relatively inexpensive, though in humid climates may be prone to rust if not properly treated. It can be customized to match your home’s architectural construction.

Vinyl is a more expensive alternative to aluminum, however, it provides better insulation, does not rust or degrade like aluminum, and hold up better over time. If your home is vinyl sided then it may also be the ideal seamless addition to your home.

Whatever material you chose to construct your sunroom, a great deal of attention should be given to the windows. Be sure that a few if not all have the ability to be opened to allow for air flow, taking advantage of cooling breezes.

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Key Improvements for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

When it comes to bathroom remodeling projects the key improvements to make are with lighting, the shower, the bathtub, the countertop, and sink. A clean, functional toilet that coordinates with these other elements is important, but when it comes to upgrades the other areas are where the real appeal of a bathroom lay.

Shower: Transforming a standard shower into a luxurious walk-in spa can be a major improvement to any bathroom. Designing a shower to incorporate a seating ledge can help alleviate the strain of standing adding to a more relaxing shower experience. Replacing a standard shower head with a shower panel with multiple spray heads provides a virtual water massage. Another enhancing shower feature is a shower hose.

Bathtub: Most standard bathtubs can seem cramped, and while this is not an issue for the guest bathroom or for children a master suite bath is the ideal place for a larger, deeper tub for a relaxing soak. A tub with the addition of water jets can be a real enhancement.

Countertops: Countertops specially designed to accommodate hygiene items and provide work space are a bonus to any bathroom. The regular activities of shaving and makeup application are best done in the bathroom for ease of clean up. Having adequate space to layout one’s personal items makes the task easier, so expanding the countertop to allow for this is desirable.

Sink: A stand-alone sink is nice and can be quaint in a small bathroom, but a sink set in or installed atop a counter to resemble a bowl may prove more practical as well as more aesthetically pleasing.

Lighting: This is an essential component of any room because even though the fixtures themselves may not be prominent the effect of good lighting can make or break the atmosphere. In bathrooms it may be advantageous to have varying lighting. Lighting around the mirror should be bright enough to allow proper shaving and makeup application, but you may want to have an overhead light that can be dimmed for those relaxing baths.

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Fixing Your Fixer Upper with Restoration Work

The term fixer upper can cover a wide variety of issues to be addressed with an older home or building that has been purchased with the knowledge that repairs will be needed. Most often restoration of damage caused by fire, wind, water, and other storm related damage is in order.

When determining the type of restoration work needed, look over all exterior and interior surfaces as well as inspecting the plumbing and wiring. It is recommended that you have these inspections done by a professional to ensure a proper assessment and evaluation of work needed.

  • Roof: Check that there are no loose, missing or bare shingles in need of replacement. Depending on the type of roofing material used this could be a spot replacement or may require an entire resurfacing. Also check all wood around and supporting the roof for any dry rot or insect damage.
  • Ceiling: This goes along with the roof because chances are that if there are issues with leaks in the roof they will appear on the ceiling as stains or warping from wet spots. Sometimes these areas can be painted over once the leak has been stopped. In commercial buildings it may be easier to replace the section if it is a tile type ceiling.
  • Walls: Check for water damage to drywall, plaster, or wood paneling. Be sure that any leaks from the roof or plumbing have been addressed before determining the necessary restoration steps. If the damage is small and restricted mostly to staining, then a good washing and paint job will do; however, section replacement may be needed.
  • Floor: Inspect the floors for stability. Wood flooring may need spot replacement and refinishing. If carpet replacement is in order be sure to check the underlying surface before laying down new carpeting. Look for weak spots and mold.
  • Foundation: Be sure to check the foundation for any cracks or damage due to improper storm drainage or age. If the foundation is in extremely poor repair then there might not be anything to do but demolish the place and start over; however, before this drastic measure is to be considered consult with a professional regarding the integrity of the foundation and whether or not appropriate repairs can be made.

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Spring Cleaning Gutters or Replacing Them

Spring is the perfect time to check those gutters for any damage to be fixed and cleaning them out. Keeping your gutters in good repair is paramount to protecting the foundation of your home as well as protecting the integrity of your windows, not to mention the curb appeal of your yard.

Gutters are designed to collect and redirect water from rain away from your home. Water allowed to pool at the base of the walls surrounding your home can wear away at the foundation, and ruin your landscaping if not properly directed. Water that continually runs down the side of your home can lead to wood rot, particularly around windows, and can even damage siding.

During the fall and winter months leaves and other debris can build up, clogging up channels, preventing proper drainage, and weighing down gutters. With the weather becoming more temperate, now is the best time to get out there and have a look at the condition of one of the most functional elements of your home exterior.

When checking your gutters:

  • Make sure that they are flush against the house with no gaps.
  • Check for any loose or rusted fastenings.
  • Clear away any debris preventing drainage.
  • Replace any sections with holes.

If it is time to replace them there are several considerations. Commonly gutters are constructed out of copper, steel, aluminum, zinc, even vinyl. Each type has its own pros and cons. For example, those made of aluminum are rust resistant, while vinyl is ideal to withstand weathering in general, and galvanized steel is strong enough to withstand more weight from debris. There are also many different styles, including some gutter systems that have covers to reduce the collection of debris.

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Creative Deck Building Ideas

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner now is the perfect time to check out creative deck building ideas to construct the ideal spot to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Whether you are starting from scratch or giving your old deck a new look, you are only limited by your imagination.

  • If you have an uneven landscape the raised platform of a deck can easily overcome this inconvenience. Additionally, it may be advantageous to design a tiered deck with two or more platform levels to create cozy conversation areas as well as an outdoor dining area.
  • Building a deck around a hot tub can provide all the escape and luxury of a spa in the privacy of your own back yard.
  • Adding a gazebo to a section of existing decking might be just the thing to make those sunny days less brutal and more enjoyable. Plus, with deck lighting it can be a perfect outdoor entertainment area for those sultry evenings.
  • Customized deck roofing can provided shading without totally blocking out the sun with wooden bars or lattice designs. This can be done as a stand-alone section covering a portion of the deck, or built on as an extension on to your existing roof. It is also possible to use heavy duty transparent fiberglass to allow for light to permeate, which can also provide shelter from those occasional summer rains.
  • Incorporating trees into your deck design can save the expense of removal and provide natural shade for a more relaxing experience.

With all the ideas out there to add to just about anything you can come up with on your own, there is no reason not to have the deck of your dreams.

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Home Remodeling for Spring 2012

Spring is the perfect time to begin those remodeling projects large and small. With the passing of winter and the coming of summer, now is the time to update and transition aspects of your home to make use of the warmer weather and save money in the long run.

  • Windows: A good window design can provide quality light, and add to the energy efficiency of any home. Check the windowsills for signs of wood rotting and other indications that they don’t open and close properly. Condensation between double paned windows is a sign that they are not sealed properly, allowing for moisture to buildup and before you know it mold is growing. With all the various styles of windows available a new look can replace the old and upgrade, adding value to your home.
  • Doors: Change out those old sliding glass doors with some classy French doors to really open things up. Just like with windowsills, check around doorways for any rotting wood or rusty hinges. Replacing doorways, doors, and fixtures is a good way to cut down on costly drafts.
  • Overhangs: Adding an overhang to the entrance of your home creates a more welcoming appearance, providing shading from the sun and protection from rain.
  • Gutters: Replacing old open style gutters with covered gutters is great way to cut down on gutter cleaning time giving you more time to enjoy the good weather.
  • Painting: Now is the time for painting the exterior of your home with a freshening up of the original color or changing it all together while the weather is temperate. Painting is one of the least expensive updates that can be done to any home.

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