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Building Additions Instead of Selling

With the difficulty in selling homes in the current market an alternative to selling a small home worth considering is building additions to obtain the larger home you need. This is an ideal option, especially for younger couples who are in starter homes with growing families. Adding allows you to customize for your unique family needs, giving you exactly want you want without the hassle of settling for what is close enough.

When considering the type of addition that is right for your growing family needs think about the big picture. Instead of simply adding on another bedroom, consider adding on a master suite with a second bathroom. This could provide you with the opportunity to alleviate the difficulties that can arise from multiple people sharing one bathroom and give your home added value. Alternatively simply adding a second bathroom can also be the ideal solution for a growing family.

Expanding a smaller living room to become a larger family room or adding a sunroom for more living space can open up an otherwise cramped home. Renovating a basement or garage can also provide the addition your family needs with less expense. With the low cost of materials at this time it is worth exploring the possibility of additions to your home.

There are government programs, such as HUD loans that allow homeowners to roll their old mortgages into a new loan with enough funds to pay for additions. Many recipients can see a return of up to 95% of the investment expense of the addition back on their home value.  In spite of the initial cost, dollar for dollar, the addition can be a better value than the loss from selling in the current economy.

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5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

kitchen remodelingEvery kitchen needs upgrading and remodeling at some time or another. Rather than undergoing an entire overhaul here are some kitchen remodeling ideas that can be done individually, or successively as you choose to give your kitchen new life.

  1. Painting: Nothing else can offer a huge impact with lower cost than painting. Changing the color of your kitchen can brighten it up, give it depth, or simply freshening the look already in place. Maybe simply adding color to the cabinets to contrast or compliment the wall color will be that extra difference you’ve been looking for, whether it’s using complementary colors from the color wheel or utilizing a monochromatic look with varying shades of the same color.
  2. Cabinets: Changing cabinet design from simple open doors with stationary shelving to include customized turn tables and slide out trays can vastly improve functionality within your kitchen. And not every alteration necessarily requires an entire remodel. It may be possible to simply modify sections of your cabinetry while maintaining the original construction.
  3. Island: Installing an island can give you added prep space for cooking and extra storage space. Islands don’t have to be huge or take up a great deal of space to offer that extra work area many cooks look for.
  4. Countertops: Updating countertops can improve not only the aesthetics of your kitchen, but also the value, especially if you upgrade to granite as it eliminates the need for cutting boards. However, even if you simply replace old laminates with new, the overall enhancement of appearance can make a more welcoming environment.
  5. Backsplash: Adding a ceramic or glass tiled backsplash around the kitchen behind countertops and appliances is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. Backsplashes are generally easier to clean, and provide a visual enhancement to any kitchen.

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Spring Cleaning with Pressure Washing and Painting

Pressure WashingSpring time means spring cleaning. Time to air out the house, clean out the accumulated dust bunnies, and freshen up the place. What better way to do that than to give your home a good pressure wash and a fresh coat of paint?

Pressure washing is a means of cleaning off sediment and grime that accumulates over time with a high powered spray of water, which can be infused with cleaning solution, though that isn’t always necessary. Pressure washing is ideal for walkways and driveways as well as siding for businesses or homes. Used on walkways and driveways the powerful steam of water can clear away mud and penetrate to remove some stains caused by oil and transmission leakage left by vehicles.

Before painting it is recommended that any surface to be painted should be cleared of any dirt to reduce the likelihood of powdering, which occurs when paint over dirt dries then begins to come off with weathering. Having a clean surface also reduces streaking, flaking and other paint mishaps to ensure a smooth application of the color of your choice.

Painting the exterior of your home is an ideal way freshen things up, as well as add a bit of protection as paint acts as a sealer for the wood underneath. However, it is important to note that a nice coat of paint can be added to vinyl siding. Though it is not necessary to paint brick or cinderblock, and can prove a bit challenging to the novice, some homeowners have opted to add a bit of character to their home in this way.

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How to Plan Your Deck Construction Project

Deck ConstructionAs with any new construction project it is important to have a plan. This includes setting your budget, layout design, purchasing supplies, and deciding who is doing the work. Building a deck onto your home can quickly become an overwhelming project if you do not take the time to first plan and prepare.

When determining your budget for deck construction you should figure roughly $15-20 per square foot for do-it-yourself or about $25-50 for professional installment. However, once you decide on the design and layout for your ideal deck, consulting with a professional contractor may offer you a better idea of cost. Remember that if you are opting to build it yourself the cost of supplies may be more than simple wood costs if you do not already have the proper tools. By hiring an experienced builder you can be sure that they process all the tools necessary for the job, everything from measuring tape to power saws.

Designing the right layout for your deck should take into account the architecture of your home as well as the landscape of your yard. Will you want an open deck or covered deck? It is also important to know if there are any building code requirements that must be met. This is another good reason to hire a professional who is familiar with building codes in your area, and who understand how to work with architecture and landscaping to give you the deck that fits your lifestyle.

Do-it-yourself projects that involve carpentry or masonry can be involved and messy. Be sure to check weather reports to ensure that you have clear weather for a week or more to complete the work. The old adage of measure twice, cut once can become more like measure repeatedly before cutting hesitantly. Each mistake increases the budget, which is why unless you are skilled it may be worth the little extra cost of hiring a professional to do the job right than risk blowing your budget on armature mistakes.

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Finding the Right Company for Home Restorations from Water, Fire, and Storm Damage

Damage from water, fire, or storm requires experienced restoration and repair as damage from any of these causes can be more significant than cosmetic. Each type of damage requires a unique restoration approach and a clear understanding of the underlying causes to ensure proper repair and reduce the likelihood of future incidents.

With water damage it is important to identify the source as being from broken or leaky pipes, or storm. Plumbing issues should be addressed before restoration of damaged areas. Water damage can mean mold as well as the compromised integrity of wood, plaster, drywall or other exposed materials. Simply removing damage affected areas may not be enough. An experience company with trained inspectors will also be able to recognize areas needing treatment surrounding the obvious areas. Hiring a company with specialized equipment for killing and removing the health threat of mold is just as crucial as hiring a company skilled in repairs to compromised areas of your home.

Damage attributed to fire can be due to electrical issues and therefore having a company familiar with home wiring can be valuable. Replacing any damaged wiring or outlets is just as important to restoration projects as repairing damage done to walls, floors or ceilings. Fire can cause heat damage to unseen areas that may weaken structures that only a trained professional can recognize.

Storm damage can affect the exterior as well as the interior of your home, and be the root cause of water and fire damage alike if for instance your home were struck by lightning during a heavy thunderstorm. Often times the expenses of these types of restorations are particularly covered by home owner’s insurance, and therefore it is best to work with a contractor experienced in dealing with such jobs. Someone skilled in addressing damage from all of the above and familiar with plumbing, wiring, as well as construction is an asset. Rather than piecing together repair personnel, hiring a company with all the necessary licensed and skilled workers saves you time and a great deal of headache.

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Exterior Painting Tips

Exterior Painting TipsExterior painting can be a physically demanding, time consuming task, especially for the inexperienced painter. To save both time and money it is essential to plan things out before beginning by making sure you have the right tools and paint for the job.

Choosing the right paint will depend on the surface to be painted (i.e. wood, brick, vinyl, etc.), seasonal weather conditions, and exposure to direct sunlight. There is not one type of paint that is guaranteed to do the job no matter the conditions.

Inspect the exterior surfaces you plan to paint for dirt, mildew, or other debris that may require a power washing. Some sanding may be required to prep areas that are peeling and flaking from previous paint jobs. The better you prep your surfaces the less likely you are to have issues with the paint going on and adhering correctly. Surfaces that aren’t prepared can result in unsightly issues such as the paint chalking, wrinkling, blistering, and alligatoring.

A sturdy extendable ladder will be required as well as brushes and rollers. There are also paint sprayers on the market that can shorten the time required for painting, but they do require more skill and experience to insure an even application of paint. It is also important to note that for a quality job you will need quality tools.

Check the weather forecast for the week you plan to paint. It may not take you a whole week to paint or for it to dry completely, but it never hurts to give yourself the extra time. It is best to paint during less humid times of the year, when the temperature is mild. This serves to provide optimum conditions for the paint to set properly, but also means safer working conditions.

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