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Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Bathroom RemodelingRemodeling bathroom trend this year seems to be incorporating more luxury and elegance into the practical functionality, transforming it into a home spa.

Colors: Choosing a color palette that best suits your home and personality is the first step to creating a comfortable, relaxing space. Whether you prefer a natural Earthy look or a more contemporary monochromatic look planning your colors will help determine the lighting and other fixtures.

Lighting: The type of lighting can enhance the ambiance of any room, particularly in the bathroom where space tends to be more confined. Simple overhead lighting may be sufficient to illuminate the room, but may be too harsh. Think about where you need the lighting and for what purpose. Brighter lighting around the mirror to aid in makeup application or shaving is helpful, while softer lighting around the tub can provide a more relaxing experience.

Countertops: The material used can add luxury and decadence while also providing practical workspace. With the variety of natural stone, manufactured quartz, tile, and other solid-surface materials there is no limit to the creative design options to consider.

Fixtures: Coordinating light plates, towel racks, and faucet designs for elegance and efficiency can greatly improve the appearance. Because bathrooms are smaller and meant to be functional every element should be thought of with that in mind.

Shower Enclosures: Installing glass doors and enclosures around your shower is a beautiful, practical alternative to shower curtains, but enclosures and dividers can come in a variety of materials. Often tiled walls and glass dividers tend to be easier to keep clean than shower curtains, which may need replacement over time.

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The Importance of Quality Roof Repair

Roof Repair Greensboro, NCMaking sure your roof is in good repair is essential to protecting the rest of your home. Regularly checking for wear and tear, especially after storms is a good homeowner habit to have. One of the first things to know about your roof is the type of shingles used, as this will help in identifying when replacements and repairs need to be made. Each kind has its own particular advantages and disadvantages.

The most common type of roofing shingles are composite shingles or asphalt shingles. They are either made of paper saturated in asphalt or fiberglass coated with asphalt. A layer of adhesive asphalt is applied on top with ceramic granules imbedded. These shingles are fairly inexpensive, but have a relatively short life span of 20 to 30 years.

Other types of shingles are wood shake, slate, metal, clay tile—all of which can out last asphalt shingles, but are also more expensive, making them less common. All types show damage from storms and time differently, but most can be preplaced in sections without requiring an entire reroofing project.

Another aspect of roof maintenance is checking for water damage and wood rot that can occur near gutters or exposed areas. If caught early these are minor repairs, but if left untreated can become bigger, pricier repairs. Because of the importance of maintaining a sound roof over your head it may be advisable to leave such repairs to the professionals, especially with coding requirements and the tools needed. Do-it-yourself roof repairs aren’t for the novice. What looks like a simple shingle replacement may turn into a more time consuming task.

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The Importance of Proper Gutter Installation and Repair

Gutter Installation and Repair, Greensboro, NCGutters provide preventative care for your home, and should be installed with professional care. Gutters are typically made out of durable metal or plastic, and are secured to the lip of your roof to catch runoff and directed away from the foundation of the house. It is important to make sure that there are no gaps between the gutters and the house. Any gap that allows rain water to run down the side of the house has the potential to damage windows, siding, home foundations, and if not directed properly can also ruin your landscaping.

Cleaning out the gutters around the roof of your home and making sure they drain properly is one of the surest ways to reduce damage to these other areas. Be sure to clear gutters regularly, especially if you have trees near the house as leaves and sticks can clog them preventing proper drainage. Additionally, the weight of water logged or frozen leaves can stress gutters leading to weakening of fixtures, warping, bending, and breaking. After storms is the best time to check and clean.

As many gutters are constructed of metal, rust can be a problem over time, especially if the gutters are not set correctly with clear drainage points which may allow water to settle. Rust spots can degrade into holes and allow rust water to leak out causing unsightly stains as well as water damage to exposed wood.

Because gutters are sectional the areas of disrepair can be easily replaced, though it may also be a good time to replace the entire gutter system with a possible upgrade. Many new styles of gutters are now available with gutter guards that prevent leaves, needles, and sticks from getting into them. As clogs are one of the major factors that lead to the deterioration of gutters this provides an ideal solution, though it does not illuminate the need to check and clean them on occasion.

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Fixing Wood Floor Trim

Fixing Wood Floor Trim Greensboro,NCThe first step to fixing any wood floor trim is to determine the cause of the damage. This
allows you to remove the cause to make the repair lasting and worthwhile. For instance,
it does no good to replace wood trimming damaged by termites if the termites are still
present. If this is the case then the first step is to call an exterminator. Other causes
of wood damage can be water damage, fire damage, dry rot, or simply wear and tear
brought on by age. Continue reading ›

Quality Contracting Services and Certified Craftsmen

Quality Contracting Services and Certified CraftsmenThere are many general home repair companies, painters, and roofers in the
Greensboro, NC area who can provide a decent level of service in these categories.
Most of these companies are able to do this by subbing the actual work out to smaller
companies or individuals, and never “touch” the job themselves. By subbing the work
out they can offer lower prices as they do not have to carry the overhead of insurance,
workers compensation, and equipment. However, this can also result in less than stellar
quality of service and the final result of the project. Continue reading ›

Avoid Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Avoid Kitchen Remodeling MistakesWhat would make your kitchen perfect–more space, better functionality, an updated
look? When trying to decide what to do, the best way is to start with what you want.
Putting together a well thought out plan is worth all the time you can invest prior
to beginning the project because once it has begun, changing your mind can be

Common kitchen remodeling mistakes tend to result from not paying enough attention
to the following areas. Continue reading ›