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Creating a Mudroom for Any Home

For the most part mud is not something people typically want in their homes, but in it comes regardless, mucking up the entry way. Since having a professional decontamination chamber can be impractical a mudroom is the next best thing if you want to reduce the amount of mess that can make things unpleasant. Creating a mudroom can be as simple as reorganizing an entry way or as elaborate as building a new space entirely.

A mudroom is simply a designated area—not necessarily an entire room—to store raincoats, umbrellas, galoshes, snow boots, work boots, and any other items that in their effort to protect humans from the elements tend to accumulate moisture, dirt, and mud that is best not trod through the house. However, it can also be used as the repository for items like backpacks, purses, wallets, and keys. When choosing the location of your mudroom, it is best to make it an entryway of your home—either the main entrance for everyone, or possibly a back entrance specifically for family.

Depending on how you plan to use your mudroom, there are some elements that are common in creating the ideal space.

  • Hooks: to hang up coats or bags.
  • Shelves: to place items you don’t want on the ground.
  • Baskets: to hold smaller objects such as keys.
  • Floor Mats: to wipe shoes before removal.
  • Shoe Racks: to store shoes for drying.
  • Umbrella Holder: to keep umbrellas easily accessible.

These features can be easily installed with materials available at virtually any home supply store. However, if you deal with excessive amounts of dirt and muck regularly you may want more than just a hook and a mat by the door. This is when you may want to consider remodeling existing space or building an additional entryway.

For those that go all out to create a mudroom proper, organizing is the key. It may even be possible, and ideal, to design your mudroom to also function as a pet safe room or double as a laundry room—this works best for mudrooms located at the back or side of the house, rather than the main entryway. Installing flooring that can be easily swept and mopped is best as muddy carpet tends to require extreme cleaning to maintain. Personal alcoves or locker type designs can provide each family member or guest with their own storage area.

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