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Enhancing Your Home with Color

Painting the interior walls of your home can offer one of the least expensive improvements, enhancing not only the look, but also the feel of your home. Choosing the right color can give a room new life and personality.

Picking a color is the first step. Before you grab a paint chip sampler of your favorite color it may be beneficial to take a moment to consider which room of the house you are going to paint and what tone you would like to set. Studies have shown that colors can effect emotions.

Red, orange, and yellow tend to be stimulating colors. Some shades of red while at a glance are beautiful can cause agitation during prolonged exposure. You may find yourself leaving a room more often than relaxing in it. Oranges can have a similar effect, while yellows may keep you energized.

Green, blue, and purple tend to be soothing colors. Green shades tend to offer the most balanced feel to a room. Blues can be too cool if overdone and not paired with the right accenting colors. Purples offer a rich decadent feel or can seem presumptuous if not done well.

Black, grey, and white are best used as accent colors unless you are particularly fond of the traditional monochromatic look. Black is a color that absorbs while white is a color that reflects. Either can be too harsh for rooms in constant use. Grey provides a nice neutrality, but depending on the shade can also seem drab.

Choosing the main wall color is like laying the foundation of the character a room will have. The colors you choose for accessories and accents will help develop its personality. Living rooms are best if welcoming, kitchens cheerful, dining rooms hospitable, bedrooms relaxing, and bathrooms luxurious. Finding the right color combinations to match your personal preferences are key to creating the home of your dreams.

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