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Fixing Wood Floor Trim

Fixing Wood Floor Trim Greensboro,NCThe first step to fixing any wood floor trim is to determine the cause of the damage. This
allows you to remove the cause to make the repair lasting and worthwhile. For instance,
it does no good to replace wood trimming damaged by termites if the termites are still
present. If this is the case then the first step is to call an exterminator. Other causes
of wood damage can be water damage, fire damage, dry rot, or simply wear and tear
brought on by age.

Once the cause of the damage has been determined and eliminated the next step is
to address the affected area. A thorough cleaning of the trim with a microfiber cloth to
remove dust and lint, and perhaps a touch of abrasive cleaning agent with a damp cloth
can also narrow the areas needing the fix for minor jobs. Sometimes a sanding and
refinish or a new coat of paint is all that is required. Wood putty can also be used to fill
in gouges or latex caulk can be used to fill in those unsightly gaps that appear when
trimming separates from the wall.

It is not always necessary to replace the trim of an entire room. If the trim is only
damaged along one wall then carefully removing it using a putty knife to loosen the
trim from the wall, working evenly along the entire length of trim. A pry bar or chisel can
be used to pry it completely off once it has been loosened. It is important to perform
this process carefully as not to break the trim because it may be possible to then cut
the affected area off and match up a new section to add to the replacement of the
undamaged original trim.

By only addressing the affected area you can save time and money; however, this
may provide the perfect opportunity to change the trim all together and lend a subtle
enhancement to your home that could result in increased value.

If you’d like a professional inspection to identify the cause of damage to your wood
call Home Improvements of the Carolinas, Inc. at 336-271-3323. We can also provide
solutions to fix your problem and advise doable preventative care to stem future

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