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Home Remodeling for Spring 2012

Spring is the perfect time to begin those remodeling projects large and small. With the passing of winter and the coming of summer, now is the time to update and transition aspects of your home to make use of the warmer weather and save money in the long run.

  • Windows: A good window design can provide quality light, and add to the energy efficiency of any home. Check the windowsills for signs of wood rotting and other indications that they don’t open and close properly. Condensation between double paned windows is a sign that they are not sealed properly, allowing for moisture to buildup and before you know it mold is growing. With all the various styles of windows available a new look can replace the old and upgrade, adding value to your home.
  • Doors: Change out those old sliding glass doors with some classy French doors to really open things up. Just like with windowsills, check around doorways for any rotting wood or rusty hinges. Replacing doorways, doors, and fixtures is a good way to cut down on costly drafts.
  • Overhangs: Adding an overhang to the entrance of your home creates a more welcoming appearance, providing shading from the sun and protection from rain.
  • Gutters: Replacing old open style gutters with covered gutters is great way to cut down on gutter cleaning time giving you more time to enjoy the good weather.
  • Painting: Now is the time for painting the exterior of your home with a freshening up of the original color or changing it all together while the weather is temperate. Painting is one of the least expensive updates that can be done to any home.

For more information on remodeling in the Greensboro area call Home Improvements of the Carolinas, Inc. at 336-271-3323. We are staffed with licensed professionals and skilled craftsmen to provide quality services for any of your construction projects.

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