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How to Plan Your Deck Construction Project

Deck ConstructionAs with any new construction project it is important to have a plan. This includes setting your budget, layout design, purchasing supplies, and deciding who is doing the work. Building a deck onto your home can quickly become an overwhelming project if you do not take the time to first plan and prepare.

When determining your budget for deck construction you should figure roughly $15-20 per square foot for do-it-yourself or about $25-50 for professional installment. However, once you decide on the design and layout for your ideal deck, consulting with a professional contractor may offer you a better idea of cost. Remember that if you are opting to build it yourself the cost of supplies may be more than simple wood costs if you do not already have the proper tools. By hiring an experienced builder you can be sure that they process all the tools necessary for the job, everything from measuring tape to power saws.

Designing the right layout for your deck should take into account the architecture of your home as well as the landscape of your yard. Will you want an open deck or covered deck? It is also important to know if there are any building code requirements that must be met. This is another good reason to hire a professional who is familiar with building codes in your area, and who understand how to work with architecture and landscaping to give you the deck that fits your lifestyle.

Do-it-yourself projects that involve carpentry or masonry can be involved and messy. Be sure to check weather reports to ensure that you have clear weather for a week or more to complete the work. The old adage of measure twice, cut once can become more like measure repeatedly before cutting hesitantly. Each mistake increases the budget, which is why unless you are skilled it may be worth the little extra cost of hiring a professional to do the job right than risk blowing your budget on armature mistakes.

For more information on deck construction in the Greensboro area call Home Improvements of the Carolinas, Inc. at 336-271-3323. We are staffed with licensed professionals and skilled craftsmen to provide quality services for any of your construction projects.

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