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Key Improvements for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

When it comes to bathroom remodeling projects the key improvements to make are with lighting, the shower, the bathtub, the countertop, and sink. A clean, functional toilet that coordinates with these other elements is important, but when it comes to upgrades the other areas are where the real appeal of a bathroom lay.

Shower: Transforming a standard shower into a luxurious walk-in spa can be a major improvement to any bathroom. Designing a shower to incorporate a seating ledge can help alleviate the strain of standing adding to a more relaxing shower experience. Replacing a standard shower head with a shower panel with multiple spray heads provides a virtual water massage. Another enhancing shower feature is a shower hose.

Bathtub: Most standard bathtubs can seem cramped, and while this is not an issue for the guest bathroom or for children a master suite bath is the ideal place for a larger, deeper tub for a relaxing soak. A tub with the addition of water jets can be a real enhancement.

Countertops: Countertops specially designed to accommodate hygiene items and provide work space are a bonus to any bathroom. The regular activities of shaving and makeup application are best done in the bathroom for ease of clean up. Having adequate space to layout one’s personal items makes the task easier, so expanding the countertop to allow for this is desirable.

Sink: A stand-alone sink is nice and can be quaint in a small bathroom, but a sink set in or installed atop a counter to resemble a bowl may prove more practical as well as more aesthetically pleasing.

Lighting: This is an essential component of any room because even though the fixtures themselves may not be prominent the effect of good lighting can make or break the atmosphere. In bathrooms it may be advantageous to have varying lighting. Lighting around the mirror should be bright enough to allow proper shaving and makeup application, but you may want to have an overhead light that can be dimmed for those relaxing baths.

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