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Lighting Things Up Inside This Winter

The colder weather that winter brings often means more time spent indoors, and with less exposure to sunlight with the increased cloud covering that comes with winter that can leave us a little gloomy. One of the easiest ways to counter act this is to maybe visit a tanning booth on particularly gloomy days or you could improve things with a little indoor lighting remodeling.

When it comes to improved indoor lighting there are several options that can brighten things up, provide focal points for d├ęcor, and add ambiance for romantic, cozy evenings. It is also good to plan your lighting improvements to account for the change in seasons over the course of an entire year with the installation of lighting fixtures with ceiling fans, and to take into account the natural lighting provided by windows. The main thing to consider is the purpose to which you will be utilizing the lighting in each room.

Accent Lighting such as track fixtures, sconces, or spotlights can be used to add focal points for the sake of aesthetics. This would be a great way to highlight particular paintings or the fireplace. It can also be used to create the illusion of separate spaces in a large open room such as a loft.

Ambient Lighting is typically provided by surface-mounted fixtures like those attatched to the ceiling. They can also include fixtures with ceiling fans which have the added benefit of increasing air circulation. Recessed down-lighting, floor and table lamps can also be sources of ambient lighting.

Decorative Lighting is more for special occasion and is chosen more for its beauty than the actual lighting it may provide. These can be additional to ambient lighting fixtures that can be used separately or in conjunction such as chandeliers, sconces, and hanging fixtures. They have quite a lot in common with accent lighting.

Task Lighting such as desk lamps, kitchen or bathroom pendants and other appliance based lighting is designed to be used when performing specific tasks in designated areas. Designing task lighting to enhance your productivity in the kitchen or to provide the best lighting in the bathroom for makeup or shaving can be one of the best investments you make with lighting improvements.

Once you decide on the overall purpose of the lighting necessary to enhance your living spaces the next thing to consider is the type of light bulbs you would prefer. Some lighting fixtures are specific to their requirements, while others provide you the option of standard traditional bulbs or compact florescent bulbs, not to mention the variation in wattage. You may also want to consider dimming options. Whatever the choice it may be wise to hire a contractor skilled in wiring.

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