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Quality Contracting Services and Certified Craftsmen

Quality Contracting Services and Certified CraftsmenThere are many general home repair companies, painters, and roofers in the
Greensboro, NC area who can provide a decent level of service in these categories.
Most of these companies are able to do this by subbing the actual work out to smaller
companies or individuals, and never “touch” the job themselves. By subbing the work
out they can offer lower prices as they do not have to carry the overhead of insurance,
workers compensation, and equipment. However, this can also result in less than stellar
quality of service and the final result of the project.

Over the past few years, we have scoured the triad and surrounding areas for the top
craftsmen to hire them into our company. We do not sub out our jobs, but rather have
project managers, superintendents, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, roofers,
and more in house. This allows us to maintain control over the job, thus we guarantee
quality and superior service.

Our company devotes time and resources to maintaining the integrity of our services
through constant staff improvement. In addition to being skilled craftsmen our staff
continues to improve their skills by attending classes and workshops, achieving various
certifications in paints, roofing materials, water restoration, fire restoration, mold
remediation, and various other areas.

Home Improvements of the Carolinas, Inc. holds various licenses in the areas of our
work, thus are able to pull the required permits under our company name—many other
companies cannot make this claim. We maintain excellent insurance protection for our
customers, and maintain workers compensation and disability insurance on our crews.
It is our goal to provide quality service to our customers with our competent staff no
matter the size or type of your home improvement project.

By: Jeff Triplett

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