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Spring Cleaning Gutters or Replacing Them

Spring is the perfect time to check those gutters for any damage to be fixed and cleaning them out. Keeping your gutters in good repair is paramount to protecting the foundation of your home as well as protecting the integrity of your windows, not to mention the curb appeal of your yard.

Gutters are designed to collect and redirect water from rain away from your home. Water allowed to pool at the base of the walls surrounding your home can wear away at the foundation, and ruin your landscaping if not properly directed. Water that continually runs down the side of your home can lead to wood rot, particularly around windows, and can even damage siding.

During the fall and winter months leaves and other debris can build up, clogging up channels, preventing proper drainage, and weighing down gutters. With the weather becoming more temperate, now is the best time to get out there and have a look at the condition of one of the most functional elements of your home exterior.

When checking your gutters:

  • Make sure that they are flush against the house with no gaps.
  • Check for any loose or rusted fastenings.
  • Clear away any debris preventing drainage.
  • Replace any sections with holes.

If it is time to replace them there are several considerations. Commonly gutters are constructed out of copper, steel, aluminum, zinc, even vinyl. Each type has its own pros and cons. For example, those made of aluminum are rust resistant, while vinyl is ideal to withstand weathering in general, and galvanized steel is strong enough to withstand more weight from debris. There are also many different styles, including some gutter systems that have covers to reduce the collection of debris.

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