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Spring Cleaning with Pressure Washing and Painting

Pressure WashingSpring time means spring cleaning. Time to air out the house, clean out the accumulated dust bunnies, and freshen up the place. What better way to do that than to give your home a good pressure wash and a fresh coat of paint?

Pressure washing is a means of cleaning off sediment and grime that accumulates over time with a high powered spray of water, which can be infused with cleaning solution, though that isn’t always necessary. Pressure washing is ideal for walkways and driveways as well as siding for businesses or homes. Used on walkways and driveways the powerful steam of water can clear away mud and penetrate to remove some stains caused by oil and transmission leakage left by vehicles.

Before painting it is recommended that any surface to be painted should be cleared of any dirt to reduce the likelihood of powdering, which occurs when paint over dirt dries then begins to come off with weathering. Having a clean surface also reduces streaking, flaking and other paint mishaps to ensure a smooth application of the color of your choice.

Painting the exterior of your home is an ideal way freshen things up, as well as add a bit of protection as paint acts as a sealer for the wood underneath. However, it is important to note that a nice coat of paint can be added to vinyl siding. Though it is not necessary to paint brick or cinderblock, and can prove a bit challenging to the novice, some homeowners have opted to add a bit of character to their home in this way.

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