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Ideal Kitchen Counter and Sink Combinations

When it comes to giving new life to the kitchen one of the best alterations to make is with the counter and sink. While it is possible to replace one without changing the other choosing both together can have a dramatic impact on the final look. Whether you are going for a seamless look, or [...]

Kitchen Remodeling in Stages

It would be nice to close down your home, tear out everything you hate in the kitchen, and have it remodeled completely in a day; however, that may not be the best idea or even possible. Any remodeling project takes time, even before the work begins. It is important to go in stages, starting with [...]

Remodeling or Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

When updating the look of your kitchen cabinets there are two ways to do this, either by remodeling or refacing. The one you chose will depend on what you want to accomplish and the budget you are working within. Remodeling can include complete replacement and even redesigning your space to include more or less devoted [...]

Creating Pantry Storage

A pantry is a place for storing food, often for canned and dried goods. For some having a pantry is a luxury, while for others it is a necessity. Finding the space can be a challenge. Whether you have a pantry in need of redesigning, or wish to have one installed there are several options [...]

Improving Your Kitchen with an Island

Preparing meals can sometimes require more space than the counters around the stove top and sink provide, but where to get more space? How? One way is to add a kitchen island. It is surprising how the addition of an island can expand your work area without compromising walking space in your kitchen. Kitchen islands [...]

5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Every kitchen needs upgrading and remodeling at some time or another. Rather than undergoing an entire overhaul here are some kitchen remodeling ideas that can be done individually, or successively as you choose to give your kitchen new life. Painting: Nothing else can offer a huge impact with lower cost than painting. Changing the color [...]