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Transforming the Empty Nest

You have been waiting for this day. Finally, your last child has flown the nest, left for college. Perhaps, you imagine how your kids’ bedroom can now be a new adult area. Maybe, you have been planning how you will redecorate and makeover this now vacant room. But before you throw the furniture into storage, stuff trophies and stuffed animals into boxes, and begin making changes to your kid’s former bedroom, you need to consider how this room makeover will affect you and your child. You can get a great space and help your adult child feel like this is home. If you follow three tips, you can help ease both of you into this new phase.

  • Determine the best time to redecorate. This may seem quite obvious—once your youngest child moves out—but it isn’t that simple. Even after leaving for college, your child will come home for summers, holidays, and the occasional weekend. It can be traumatic for any child to find that his/her bedroom has been changed, and there is no longer a specific space for him/her. The best rule of thumb is to wait until your child has found a permanent living space such as a house or apartment. If you wait till you child has moved out permanently, you can give him/her their bedroom furniture, desks, etc. while you save money on storage fees.
  • Determine your purpose for this space. This space may have been your child’s bedroom, but it doesn’t mean that it needs to remain a bedroom. You will need to decide how you envision this space being enjoyed. Will it have more than one function? For example, this room may need to be an office space and guest room. Your decorating choices would need to reflect your needs for the space.
  • Determine your taste. After deciding how you will use this space, here is the fun part—decorating. But during this final part of the make-over, you still need to consider your child’s taste in addition to yours. Whether you adore Victorian shabby chic or sleek modern, your child should feel that he/she hasn’t be completely forgotten. For example, you may choose the primary wall paint colors and use your child’s favorite color as an accent. You may choose to display several important objects or pictures of your child. This will help your child to feel included in your new phase of life.

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